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Our roots

Sicily, the island in the Mediterranean Sea at the tip of the Italian boot is marked by rough coastlines and active volcanoes. The hilly inner land is known as the corn barn of Europe and the place where the corn for Italian pasta is growing. For thousands of years it has been the target of uncountable conquerers. The Greek, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spanish - just to mention a few of them - have heavily influenced the Sicilian culture.

This enormous influence can also be found in the Sicilian cuisine. Antipasti with fruits of the Sicilian woods, pasta from the Sicilian fields, fish from the Sicilian sea, meat from cattle and sheep from the Sicilian ranges - the Sicilian cuisine offers so much that anyone can be satisfied.

Sotto Sopra literally means down and up and you can find a lower and an upper level in this restaurant. But Italian people have another meaning for it: It's a jumble or mess. In this restaurant not everything will be typically German - organized and explicitly planned. But this is a Sicilian restaurant and we cook with passion and our Italian heart. If you hear louder voices from the kitchen don't be surprised or upset, for it's typically Sicilian! And now let us guide you on a culinary journey to the island where the lemon trees are flourishing - Sicily.

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